Eating disorder group therapy provides a non-judgmental forum for individuals to come together and support each other while developing skills and learning more about the underlying causes of their eating disorder behaviors. 

Experiencing Recovery Group - This group seeks to bring community to those recovering, providing a space to heal while  processing the hurdles of daily life.  Using skills and fighting eating disorder thoughts alone and in isolation can be dificult and lead to relapses.  This group reinforces CBT and DBT skills, and uses experiential exercises to help people in the recovery process.  Click here for current dates and times.

Body Image Groups for Teens -  Teens often feel badly about their bodies in ways that affect their self-esteem and their willingness to participate in events with peers and family members.  This group is designed to be a forum to explore how societal messages perpetuate negative body thoughts, and begin the process of seeing bodies in more realistic and positive ways. Click here for current dates and times.

Eating Disorder Support Group for Parents - FREE! - First Saturday of every month.  Eating disorders affect the entire family and can be especially difficult for parents in their efforts to support and help their adult or  child with an eating disorder.  This free monthly support group is intended to educate and support parents, and provide them with information and resources for getting help.  More Info.

Eating Disorder Recovery Nutrition Group - This is an educational group designed to support you in appropriately fueling your body with an understanding of your body’s metabolism and nutritional needs.  We will discuss the importance of developing a healthy relationship with all foods and introduce mindful, intuitive eating principles.  Click here for current dates and times.

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