Eating disorder groups and workshops provide a non-judgmental forum for individuals to come together and support each other while developing skills and learning more about the underlying causes of their eating disorder behaviors.  (Groups and Workshops are Temporarily Closed)

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Monthly Eating Disorder Recovery Workshops 3rd Saturday of every month.  These workshops are intended to help clients develop skills, provide social support, and increase body positivity.  Topics will include Being Skillful in Recovery, Developing Tools for Eating Disorder Recovery, Nutrition in Eating Disorder Recovery, Value-based Recovery, Body Positivity and more. 

Support Group for Parents and Partners - FREE!  1st Saturday of every month.  Eating disorders affect the entire family and can be especially difficult for parents, spouses, partners and caregivers in their efforts to support and help their loved one with an eating disorder.  This free monthly support group is intended to educate and support parents and partners, and provide them with information and resources for getting help.  More Info.

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